Hardware store/art supply store

I found myself at Home Depot tonight buying a screwdriver and I was reminded how much I love hardware stores. The reason I love them is because to me they are big art supply stores. Everything I look at I think of ways I can use things for art projects. I had to control myself from buying caulk and a caulk gun b/c I’m convinced that it is just a cheaper better version of acrylic molding paste. I did however leave with a giant plywood panel! I could see everyone in the store looking at me oddly as if they were trying to imagine what on earth I was going to do with a giant piece of wood. Let them wonder lol! I think I’m going to build up a lot of texture on the panel in a pattern with some of the mediums I got samples of from conference and do a new fishy painting. The natural pattern of the wood reminds me of water and fish already, so I think I’ll go with it. I will post pics once I get a chance to start.

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