About Me

I am an artist and 2nd generation art teacher from Houston, TX. I enjoy experimenting with various media and trying to invent fresh techniques that have never been done before!

My paintings are my attempt to capture beauty even in the most unlikely of places. I enjoy bringing a new perspective to the viewer, whenever possible. My favorite paintings are pleasing to the eye, but on closer examination, incorporate an element of irony. A subtle glance in a person’s eye can transform a composed portrait into a haunting portrayal of a person swelling with emotion. A sparkling glint of light can make a gutted fish appear as if it is made of diamonds.

Physically, my works are constructed with acrylic on panel, using a layered mixed-media process that was developed through experimentation.

I enjoy combining man-made, decorative patterns with organic subject matter.I am continually intrigued by the uniqueness of human nature and our interactions with each other, as well as our environment. I find that the stroke of my paint brush can quickly express what I may hopelessly fumble to articulate with words.

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